A person’s wedding can be one of the biggest days of their life, but also one of the most wasteful. With wedding favours, menus and leftover food being top of the list of things that are discarded once the party is over.



Now, we are not suggesting that you forgo these ornate details, as every little touch adds to the impact of the day. But here are a few suggestions for how to make your wedding day a little bit more ethical.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Planning a sustainable wedding does not necessarily need to be more difficult than planning a traditional wedding. There are plenty of great online shops in Europe that offer high quality eco-friendly products that can be repurposed as sustainable wedding favours. 

Responsible Rings

There’s also a lot you can do before your big day to make sure that your wedding is as sustainable as possible. Conflict diamonds are still a huge problem and it’s important to choose your jeweller wisely. Ask your jeweller if they are committed to conflict free diamonds and use schemes such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to verify that your ring is as ethical as your jeweller claims.



Take Care Of The Details

Welcome bags, invitations and food can all be ethically sourced. Use eco-friendly printing for your invitations and stuff your welcome bags with sustainable gifts! People will appreciate the gesture.

Sustainable details can even add to the general flare of the day. Consider using reusable straws, engraved with your wedding date as a way of avoiding plastic straws and adding a touch of class to the day.



Choose Your Venue Wisely

Why not find a venue with built-in scenery? Opt for a wedding outside and cut down on decorations. After all, nature is the best wedding venue and the natural light will make your photos and videos look even better!

Hopefully, these little tips can help to make your big day more special and more ethical! If you have any great tricks and tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding, comment below and share with our readers!

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